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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

Re: Minneapolis public schools, board candidates, & the 2006 election

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Minneapolis Public Schools, Board Candidates, & the 2006 elections
messages posted in November 2006
Topics: Teacher contract negotiations, the board discusses equity, personal attacks, KIPP schools, and more 

27 March 2007
What good are schools for those who are denied an education?
28 Feb 2007
A left wing publisher blames 'hard to educate minorities' for a racial learning
gap, and doesn't mention the financial exploitation of, and discrimination 
against racial 'minorities' in the school system.
2 March 2007
The new MPS board sets out to fix the image of its schools without fixing them.
21 February 2007
Shelby Steele: 'Institutional racism is a thing of the past.'
Doug Mann: Institutional racism is also a thing of the present.
The 'racial learning gap' in the Minneapolis Public Schools is a 
reflection of the quality of education to which students have access. 
24 February 2007
Class, teacher expertise, and teacher turnover make a difference
26 Feb 2007
Are the schools failing to educate students, or are the students simply failing to learn?
27 Feb 2007
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