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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

July-October 2006 posts to the Minneapolis issues list

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July-October 2006 posts to the Minneapolis issues list

by Doug Mann, 26 October 2006
"In 2006 it is time to put away the 1970's rhetoric that casts minorities as victims and all systems as oppressive..." - Chris Stewart, 27 March 2006 in response to comments by Doug Mann regarding institutionalized racism in the Minneapolis Public Schools.
Condensed statements by candidates during a Insight News public policy forum, the Star-Tribune's picks for Minneapolis School Board
by Doug Mann, 20 October 2006
 "During this past year I also had the opportunity to work fairly closely with David Jennings. Over time I came to appreciate what a gift he was to the Minneapolis Public Schools and how right Carol Johnson had been to hire him..." - Pam Costain, letter-to-the-editor of Southside Pride.
Posted by Doug Mann, 20 October 2006
Submitted by Doug Mann for publication in the Star-Tribune on 19 October 2006
Response by Doug Mann, 19 October 2006
Op-ed: Respect Teachers' Rights! is a condensed version of Doug Mann's response to Adam Platt.
26 September 2006
Doug Mann, 10 October 2006
Doug Mann, 10 October 2006
Doug Mann, 12 October 2006
Sould Iraq be the acid test for Green Party candidates, especially those standing for election to federal offices?
(For news reports)
Doug Mann, 24 August 2006
Questions to School Board candidates
with answers by Doug Mann
3 Sept 2006
West Metro school board members discuss community engagement, power, and the racial achievement gap. MPS Board members missing in action
Posted 14 Sept 2006
Implications of a U of MN study about white racial identity. Do a majority of Minneapolis voters see institutional racism in the public schools as a possible cause of the achievement gap? 
12 September 2006
21 August 2006
21 August 2006
Doug Mann, 17 August 2006
How did Hall Elementary School dramatically boost test scores?
Doug Mann, 11 August 2006
11 August 2006 
Doug Mann, 28 July 2006

Re: Minneapolis Public Schools, Board Candidates, and the 2006 Elections
Doug Mann for School Board