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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

Mann for School Board, Top 10 plus 10 list

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Mann for School Board top 10 plus 10 list
April 2004 to October 2006

Top 10 list
April 2004 to October 2006
the #1 entry below had over 6,259 hits,
the #10 entry had over 1,813 hits

The 1966 Coleman Report in its Historical Context

Middle Class Shrinkage and Pauperization

Why Ability-Grouping Widens the Academic Achievement Gap

School Funding & the Coleman Report

Bush's Education Agenda

Perfuming the Minneapolis Public Schools
Altering Perceptions Instead of Overhauling a Failing System

The Coleman Report (U of W)

Flight from Equality
School reform in the US since 1983

K-12 Education on the Wrong Track:
Gifted Education and Ability Grouping in America's Public Schools

Lessons of the 2001 Fairview Nurses Strike

Selected web pages that have recieved at least 1,000 hits:

MN Teacher tenure act: Employment; contracts; termination (excerpts)

Urban Cleansing in Minneapolis:
Are NATO Air Strikes the Answer?

Racism, Prejudice and Intolerance

The Fight Against School Resegregation

The Fight Against Urban Cleansing & Gentrification in Minneapolis

Comment on the "State executive branch response to Plaintiff's
settlement proposal in the NAACP and Xiong cases, [dated 3/19/99]"

School Desegregation

Topic: Ability Grouping

K-12 Education Policy & Urban Education

Minneapolis School Closings

Re: Minneapolis Public Schools, Board Candidates, and the 2006 elections