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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

Worth considering?

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Is racial discrminiation not really a problem?

freedom rider:
Shelby Steele Loves White Supremacy
by Margaret Kimberely, senior editor, black commentary


Shelby Steele is a well known black conservative, a fellow
at the Hoover Institution, a leading right wing think tank.
Steele has made a lucrative career for himself by lambasting
black people and praising white people. He says that racism
is all in the past, that all is right with the world and it is up to
black people to admit it and stop complaining.
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It is my contention that the 'racial learning gap' in the Minneapolis
Public Schools is a reflection of the quality of education to which
students have access, and that the school board can greatly reduce
that learning gap by taking steps to equalize critical educational
inputs, such as teacher staff stability, and by phasing out
curriculum tracks for 'low-ability' students (where high teacher
turnover also contributes to poor outcomes for students).

Re: Minneapolis public schools, board candidates, & the 2006 election