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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

Chris Stewart: A conservative in DFL clothing

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Chris Stewart: A 'conservative' in DFL clothing

Posted 08 May 2006 11:58 by Doug Mann
Two posts by Chris Stewart to the Minneapolis issues list [and a comment by Doug Mann]
Posted 26 Mar 2006 13:54 by Chris Stewart
It sounds like the message that I'm getting is that a conservative cannot win in Minneapolis. You can win as a DFL'er for sure; possibly as a Green; unlikely as an independent; and never as a Republican. A non-partisan race, right? That is a sad state of affairs, one that explains much of the problems with the board. I love a challenge. Looks like I have one if I don't seek the DFL endorsement.
Thanks for the feedback folks.
 Posted 27 Mar 2006 17:25 by Chris Stewart
Doug says: "I will vigorously oppose the endorsement of any and all candidates seeking Green Party endorsement who want to change the subject when the discussion turns to inequalities produced by the school system, who emphasize personal responsibility of the students and parents. Too many students and parents are not only penalized because of their own shortcomings, but also for the effects of a system that is designed to fail them."
Life itself penalizes those who do not emphasize personal responsibility in their lives. In the real world you are penalized for your shortcomings. Accusations of racism do not change that reality. What part of institutional racism causes people to make babies they cannot feed? What part of institutional racism has me doing home visits to families who have nothing for their kids to read besides cereal boxes? What part of institutional racism accounts for large numbers of kids walking the streets without adult supervision during homework time? What part of institutional racism causes teachers to get tired of parents who come to school and cuss them out (and call them racist) when they attempt to gently discipline kids who have not respect for the classroom?
Racism exist in the world, there is no denying that. As someone who grew up in the South I am acutely aware of what racism looks like and how it can effect one's life. That said, to ignore the responsibility of each individual for their life choices is to condescend and makes slaves of people.
If the educational system is patently racist, why try for good grades? Why read a little more than assigned? Why should you take it seriously? In 2006 it is time to put away the 1970's rhetoric that casts minorities as victims and all systems as oppressive. I can guarantee you a child who believes in school, regardless of color, will succeed more than one who believes the entire system is "designed" to fail them.
I will not support any candidate that makes my people into slaves - again.
Comment by Doug Mann:
The board has long been engaged in unlawful racial discrimination that effectively denies a majority of students of color their right to an adequate education. Examples: Driving up teacher turnover rates by sending layoff notices to teachers who are not going to get laid off (violation of teacher tenure act), No plan to stabilize teacher staffing at schools where students of color are over-represented (violation of MN deseg rule), Refusal to provide and breakdown data in an accessible form needed to evaluate effects of ability-grouping practices (violation of title 6 of the civil rights act of 1964).

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