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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

Re: Should gay teachers stay in the closet?

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Re: Should gay teachers stay in the closet?

Jessica Wicks writes,

"Simply said, living openly as gay is NOT a lifestyle.  Do heterosexual married people live a heterosexual lifestyle?... [balance of paragraph deleted]

...the word "lifestyle" suggests a choice..."

[Doug Mann] Al MacFarlane uses the words "gay lifestyle." I do not. I was misquoted. I might refer to someone as "being gay," but never as having a "gay lifestyle." I don't see a gay person being out of the closet as "promoting a gay lifestyle." And I do not consider one's sexual orientation to be a "choice." In my opinion, a person's sexual orientation is part of their identity, not a choice, not a disease, not a psychiatric disorder. [I doubt that sexual orientation is entirely a matter of choice for anyone. There are factors beyond one's conscious control, perhaps genes, culture and circumstances that narrow one's options.]

I doubt that Gina Bounds would have made an issue of a teacher showing pictures of him or herself and a partner of the opposite sex on holiday, with their adopted baby, etc. That seems to be what Insight News is making a fuss about. 

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