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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

Green Party must revoke endorsement of Jay Pond, US House candidate

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19 September 2006

 Green Party member and Minneapolis School Board candidate, Doug Mann is calling on the 5th Congressional District Local of the Green Party to revoke the endorsement of Jay Pond, Green Party candidate for the US House of Representatives, in Minnesota's 5th Congressional district.

"To the best of my knowledge, Jay Pond is the only Green Party candidate for federal office who has publicly argued against an immediate, unilateral withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, the Green Party's position on the US occupation of Iraq since the fall of 2004.

"Pond's support for a continuation of the US occupation of Iraq, however critical he may be of the Bush administration, is, by itself a sufficient reason to NOT vote for him in the general election, in my opinion.

"And because many other Green Party members in Minnesota's 5th Congressional District were opposed to endorsing candidates for federal offices who did not call for an immediate, unilateral withdrawal of troops from Iraq, I have called on the 5th CD Green Party local to revoke its endorsement of Jay Pond" says Mann.

Several months after the invasion of Iraq, the Green Party US called for the total withdrawal of US troops from Iraq by the Holidays in 2003. When that deadline passed, the Green Party US called for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq "as soon as possible." However, by early 2004 the Green Party of Massachusetts was calling for the immediate, unilateral withdrawal of all US troops from Iraq, and that became the position of the Green Party US by the fall of 2004.

In a press release announcing the registration of a Green Party Senatorial Committee with the Federal Elections Committee, dated 18 September 2006, a former Green Senate candidate from Oregon and Chair of the eight-member Green Senatorial Campaign Committee, Teresa Keane is quoted as saying

"Voters are upset with both the Republican and Democratic parties this year, and are looking for candidates who take principled positions on issues that are important to them."

Quoting further from the same press release,

The Green Party has nominated 14 senate candidates for 2006, almost half of the Senate seats up for election this year. The key issue for many is the Iraq War; Green candidates are calling for immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

"The war on Iraq is a crime of historic proportions. With each new day we see more evidence of the greed and corruption that led to the decision to engage in this barbaric war for oil and geostrategic control. America needs Senators who will stand firm against an administration bent on using lies and fear to lead the nation into such a devastating direction," said David Sole, Green candidate for Senator of Michigan <>.
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