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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

Jay Pond supports Iraq occupation, critically

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Jay Pond supports Iraq occupation, critically

 The problem with Jay's position is that it amounts to support for a **never-ending occupation** of Iraq, in my opinion. Jay is advocating measures that he evidently hopes will greatly reduce support for the insurgency in Iraq, reduce opposition to the US occupation in Iraq, and create more favorable conditions for the creation of a stable government in Iraq BEFORE withdrawing US troops from Iraq. However, we will NEVER see those preconditions for a withdrawal of US troops from Iraq materialize.

Bush used the nonexistent threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction and tough UN inspections as a cover to prepare for the invasion of Iraq, and to get Congressional Authorization for a full-scale invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Does anyone remember Colin Powell's assertions, as early as the fall of 2002, that there were weapons of mass destruction, but he refused to supply any hard evidence, and admitted that there was no hard evidence: The Bush administration's information about WMDs came from "human sources?" Maybe, after the invasion,
the Bush administration would get lucky and find some WMDs.

Immediately after the invasion, the "antiwar" Democrats in Congress, with just a few exceptions, argued that the US can't leave, and must support the occupation, with criticisms about how it is being done.
An awful lot of Green Party leaders, at the national and local level, jumped on that pro-occupation bandwagon shortly after the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The Green Party US called for bringing the troops home for the holidays in 2003, and when that deadline passed, called for the withdrawal of US troops "as soon as possible." The Green Party finally took an "Out Now" position by the fall of 2004.

Jay Pond initially supported the occupation, critically, changed his stance in 2004 to an Out Now position (Jay was, as I recall, among the first leading party members to do so), and now he has rejoined the "responsible" wing of the antiwar movement in supporting the occupation of Iraq, critically, until more favorable conditions for a US withdrawal are created.

I called for withdrawal of US troops from staging areas around Iraq before the invasion. I called for immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq the day that the full-scale invasion began.

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