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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

Model Minority Schools in Minneapolis

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Model Minority Schools

Stabilization of the teaching staff reportedly accompanied rapid improvements in outcomes for students at Hall Elementary School between 1999 and 2003, according to a recent story [in the St. Paul Pioneer Press] about Hall's principal during that period, Bernadeia Johnson, who followed Carol Johnson (MPS Supt. from 1997 to 2003) to Memphis, Tennessee, and was just hired by the Minneapolis Public Schools as an assistant superintendent.

Stabilization of the teaching staff was also a big part of the success story for North Star school, another high- minority, high poverty school that has obtained better-than-average results on standardized tests and other measures of school quality during Carol Johnson's tenure as MPS superintendent.

I gleaned the following statistics from a post by Steve Brandt to the Minneapolis Parents Forum:

Hall Community School at a glance
Enrollment: 330
Grades: Pre-K through 5th
Students in poverty: 89%
English-language learners: 14%
Minority students: 99%
Black students: 83%.
Selected test results
Per cent students at or above grade level 1999 and 2003
3rd grade math------ 4.6% ........43.8%
3rd grade reading--- 7.3%.........38.5%
5th grade math ------4.2%..........27.7%
5th grade reading--- 3.8 %.........33.3%
. - Sources: Minneapolis Public Schools; Minnesota Department of Education, ESRI, GDT

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