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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

Race-baiting, personal attacks are never OK

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Race-baiting, personal attacks are never OK 

Letter to the editor of the Pulse of the Twin Cities regarding
"When is fake copy offensive? When it’s not The Onion? "

Race-baiting, personal attacks are never OK
by Doug Mann, 2006 Minneapolis School Board candidate.

Disclaimer: I publicly supported Keith Ellison's bid for the US House seat vacated by Martin Sabo.

And please note that I have not called on Chris Stewart to resign. If Stewart resigns, the board may fill the vacancy with any "qualified" person, and I am not in line for that appointment.

I agree with Ellison's campaign about the Tammy Lee for Congress web site satire being tasteless and way over the line. In my opinion, race-baiting and personal attacks never serve the interests of people who are disenfranchised.

And the best way to deal with being a target of race-baiting / personal attacks is to throw it in the face of the attacker, which doesn't work very well if you engage in race baiting / personal attacks yourself.

I don't buy Stewart's argument that race-baiting is alien to his political philosophy. Stewart is the owner of a web site that gained some notoriety for its "coon of the week award." And like most people in power, Stewart blames the people who are victimized by the system for their own victimization.

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