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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

American Hot Sausage link & comment

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American Hot Sausage link & comment

 Here's a link to a cached version of American Hot Sausage, when it was hosted at Blogspot. In March 2006, the owner, Chris Steward moved American Hot Sausage to a new site where a Tammy Lee for Congress web site "satire" was published. The Star-Tribune passed up the opportunity to cover an election eve press conference by Tammy Lee regarding the satire site. Ellison's campaign quickly denied any knowledge or involvement. Stewart, now a school board member-elect, refused to comment until after the election. And the Strib call for Stewart's resignation one week after the election.
I don't see anything particularly shocking about the opinions expressed in the cached AHS web page to which I have provided a link. Actually, I have found opinions expressed in Star-Tribune editorials and Star-Tribune news coverage to be more racist, though more (and sometimes less) subtle than opinions expressed in American Hot Sausage. Examples: A Star-Tribune news story in the 1980s about the migration of African-Americans to Minneapolis from Chicago being placed next to the picture of a burning building, and the hysterical tone of the news article. A recent editorial about how the massive expansion of interventions into the lives of African American families by Northpoint psychologists will address the root of the social problems, like unemployment, homelessness, family discord, street crime, etc. on the North Side of Minneapolis. I see the root of the problem being social exclusion, i.e., denial of equal access to education, housing, jobs, health care, etc.

Until the mid-1980s I was not universally accepted by whites as one of them at first sight, and occasionally had to deal with name-calling and assaults. I look at least a little bit ethnic (e.g., Jewish) to many people. I became a regular white guy in Minneapolis around the time that African-Americans from Chicago and other places started to migrate to Minneapolis on a large scale in the 1980s. So I can see how one might come to perceive most whites as being bigots, if you are not one of them.

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