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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

Minneapolis DFL school board candidate exposed as right-wing blogger

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Minneapolis DFL School Board candidate exposed as right-wing blogger

Chris Stewart, one of the Minneapolis School Board candidates endorsed by the DFL (Democratic Farmer Labor Party) describes himself as a 'conservative.' What was not a matter of public record until the eve of the 2006 general elections was his identity as the Reverend Rahelio Soleil, and owner of the web site, which was famous for its "coon of the week award."

Just one day after his election to the Minneapolis School Board, some of Stewart's high-profile supporters were calling on him to resign. What blew Stewart's cover was a race-baiting "parody" of the Tammy Lee for Congress web site, for which Stewart was responsible.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, which endorsed Stewart and Keith Ellison, the DFL candidate for a US House seat, passed up the opportunity to run a story about the race-baiting "parody" on the day of the general election.

There were 4 open seats for the Minneapolis School Board and 6 candidates, including a slate of 4 DFL-endorsed candidates, plus Christopher Clark, a DFLer running as an independent, and Doug Mann, a Green Party member running as a non-endorsed Green.

Vote totals for the DFL slate of school board candidates ranged from about 61,000 to 41,000. Stewart received about 44,000 votes. Mann and Clark received over 24,000 votes.

There were about 121,000 voters and probably fewer than 90,000 who voted for at least one Minneapolis school board candidate.

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