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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

Tammy-Gate & the DFL's Southern Strategy

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Tammy-Gate & the DFL's Southern Strategy

The DFL's Southern Strategy

This year, leaders of the Minneapolis School District wanted a DFL slate that would appeal to conservative DFL & Republican voters, as well as the 'Wellstone' wing of the party. And they did not want another all-White slate, like in 2002, for obvious reasons.

The DFL slate, headed by Pam Costain, despite its close association with Keith Ellison's campaign, is not exactly the heart and soul of a left-wing school reform movement. Pam Costain was a supporter of Dave Jennings, to whom I give a lot of credit for orchestrating policy changes that started the stampede of students out of the district's schools in 2003. Pam headed a lobbying group, Save Our Schools, and in that capacity worked closely with Jennings since 2002. In the past couple of weeks team DFL has been sounding a lot like the school board members from which the team has vowed to save us.

The Star-Tribune editorial of October 27 endorsing the DFL slate referred to Chris Stewart as a conservative voice on the board. At no time this year did the Star-Tribune print any issues-oriented coverage of the school board race. In addition to being promoted by the Strib as a conservative candidate, Chris Stewart was being encouraged to turn on his conservative charm to help himself and the DFL slate broaden their base of support. 


"In 2006 it is time to put away the 1970's rhetoric that casts minorities as victims and all systems as oppressive..." - Chris Stewart

That was Stewart's response to my contention that 'minorities' are being victimized, i.e., being denied equal access to education, jobs, and housing through discriminatory practices. Institutionalized racism, as defined by Minnesota's Desegregation Rule, such as
driving up teacher turnover in schools and programs where students are over-represented, is a deeply entrenched part of the corporate culture of the Minneapolis Public Schools.

Not all means are suited to achieving some ends. The fake Tammy Lee web site engages in race-baiting, which is always an obstacle, and never an avenue to eliminating institutionalized racial discrimination.

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