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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

No Green Party endorsement for Minneapolis school board

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No Green Party endorsement for Minneapolis School Board

Doug Mann's campaign gets a boost from strong showing at Green Party endorsement meeting.
At a May 13, 2006 meeting of the 5th Congressional District local of the Green Party, about 50% of the members present voted to endorse Doug Mann for Minneapolis School Board. A two-thirds supermajority is required for endorsement.

Speaking in favor of endorsement:
Robert Halfhill, 2005 City Council Candidate
Ian Stade, current 5th CD GP local co-chair 
Dave Bicking, 2005 9th Ward City Council candidate offered arguments for and against.
Former 5th CD local chair Erik Makela spoke against endorsement
Individual endorsements by Green Party members since the May 13 endorsement meeting:
Michael Cavlan,
2006 US Senate candidate, Green Party endorsed
Dori Ullman
Campaign Manager, Committee to Elect Michael Cavlan
to the US Senate 2006
List of Greens for Doug Mann to be updated soon.

Doug Mann for School Board in 2008