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Doug Mann LPN, LNC


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Doug Mann for School Board

Statement by Danene Provencher
Green Party of MN Lt. Governor candidate

"I have known Doug Mann for several years through his activism within the Green Party of MN and the Nader/Camejo 2004 Presidential Campaign. He genuinely is concerned about the barriers to obtaining a quality education which students encounter in the Minneapolis Public Schools. I feel Doug Mann would be a huge asset to the Minneapolis School Board and to all of the students he would represent."
Michael Cavlan
2006 US Senate candidate, Green Party endorsed

Ron Edwards 
Spokesman-Recorder columnist
Longest-serving board chair of the Minneapolis Urban League (1978-1987)
Former chair and vice chair of the Minneapolis Civil Rights Commission

Al Flowers 
Volunteer civil rights advocate
Community representative on the Police / Civilian Review Committee,
Co-chair, Independent Freedom Party,

Barbara Jo Koch Smith 
Former Co-chair, Minneapolis Parents Union

Travis Lee
Editor, Trendsetter magazine, 
Executive committee member, Mpls NAACP branch

Jerry Moore
Vice chair, Jordan Area Community Council

Leola Seals
Former president, Mpls. NAACP branch
Lorraine Smaller
Educator (past director of the Hands On Alternative School)
Pamela Taylor
1999 school board candidate endorsed by Progressive Minnesota and the Reform Party 
Dori Ullman
Campaign Manager, Committee to Elect Michael Cavlan
to the US Senate 2006
***Organizations are listed above only for the purpose of identifying 
individual supporters, does not imply organizational endorsement ***
The above list does not include past and present supporters who have not yet been contacted about being put on it. If you want me to add your name to the above list, let me know. Please also supply additional identifying information, as above.

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