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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

Selected writings on K-12 Education

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More selected writings on K-12 education 
from the 30 most frequently viewed web pages at the Mann for School Board web site - April 28 to July 23, 2004

Why Ability-Grouping Widens the Academic Achievement Gap

K-12 Education on the Wrong Track:
Gifted Education and Ability Grouping in America's Public Schools
Why I oppose the Separate But Equal doctrine
[mpls] "Forced Bussing"
School Desegregation
The Fight Against School Resegregation
Racism, Prejudice and Intolerance
The phony superintendent hunt & Sleeping with the enemy
Bush's Education Agenda
By Doug Mann, February 10, 2002
K-12 School Propaganda

What's Wrong with the Minneapolis Public Schools?
Inner City Kids need to be educated, not separated
Resume & Questions for 2004 School Board Candidates -- MFT local 59
2004 Brochure / 4 pages (Mann for School Board)