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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

Amended Education Rights Resolution clears MN Green Party platform committee

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Amended Education Rights resolution clears MN Green Party platform committee
The Education Rights resolution takes a clear stand in favor of enforcement of Civil Rights laws, and against "Separate but Equal" doctrine

 At the MN Green Party convention of On June 4, 2006,
the education & healthcare breakout group recommended
the following resolution be referred to the Coordinating Committee
for adoption as a special resolution, and that it be put on the
table (considered again) as a platform proposal (It needs to be
condensed and reworded to fit into the platform)

Amended version of
8 Right of Public School Students to a High Quality Education on an Equal

Author: Doug Mann

Whereas the Minnesota constitution requires that school
districts maintain a [uniform] system of education that
adequately educates all students; and

Whereas the MN Desegregation Rule allows school districts
to have "racially identifiable" schools, defined as schools where
enrollment of students of color is more than 20% above the
district average for grade levels served, so long as educational
inputs for racially identifiable schools are comparable to
schools that are not racially identifiable; and

Whereas teacher turnover rates and teacher qualifications,
such as years of experience, are measurable educational
inputs that have been found to correlate strongly with student
achievement levels; and

Whereas the Minnesota Department of Education has failed
to ensure that "racially identifiable" schools have educational
inputs comparable to schools that are not racially identifiable;

Therefore be it resolved that the Green Party of Minnesota will
advocate that all necessary means be employed to see that
all public school students in Minnesota have access to high
quality educational programs on an equal basis.

Proposed for adoption by the Green Party of Minnesota at its convention in June 2006
Recieved enough support at a Green Party caucus meeting on March 7 to be considered for adoption by the MN Green Party in June 2006
by Doug Mann, March 6, 2006