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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

The Withering Sunflower?

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Doug Mann for School Board

The Withering Sunflower?

A response to Ed Felien's article in the issue of the Pulse
of the Twin Cities:
(Ed Felien is the publisher / owner of the Pulse
and a recently enrolled GP member)
by Doug Mann, June 8, 2006

In arguing that the Green Party should not run candidates for
public offices at the top of the ballot, i.e. US Senate, Governor,
Attorney General, Ed Felien, is repeating the same arguments
he used against running a US presidential candidate in 2004:
That the Green Party is marginalizing itself, pissing off democrats, and
is being accused (rightly or wrongly) of helping "FASCIST"
Republicans get elected!!!

Ed Felien is using a fairly standard argument in favor of a strategy
or reliance on the Democratic Party to save us from the menace
of fascism, which is still "in the bud," and not in full bloom.
Even if the Republican Party was a fascist organization comparable
to Hitler's NAZI party of the 1930s, I would not recommend that the
Green Party take Ed Felien's advice. Hitler didn't come to power
by getting elected. Hitler was put in charge of the government
and supported by the politicians who promised to save the
German people from fascism during the preceding election

In 2000, president-elect Al Gore let Bush take office, and the
Democratic Party leadership has supported many of Bush's
important initiatives, including the invasion and occupation
of Iraq, installing the legal framework for a much more repressive
police state in the US, continuing the retreat from enforcement of
civil rights laws in the public schools via No Child Left Behind, etc.

In 2004, president-elect John Kerry let Bush have a second term,
and the Democratic Party leadership is continuing to help the
Republicans under Bush's leadership to keep Mideast oil reserves
under US control by staying the course in Iraq, and to otherwise
advance a corporate agenda of social injustice and minority rule
(of the rich)

Yes, the Green Party has far fewer active members, and is running
far fewer candidates than it did in 2002. Attendance at Green
Party caucuses has been falling (I am still waiting for the report
on caucus attendance this year). However, the Green Party of
Minnesota is much stronger than it was in 1998 or at the beginning
of Nader's campaign in 2000. The Green Party has been perceived
as the party of the left (pro-working class, pro-social justice) as well
as the environmental party since running Nader, and has made the
greatest inroads electorally among unionists and younger,
low-to-moderate income, working-class households.

I believe that the Green Party has the potential to become a mass
opposition party in relation to the main corporate parties. We need
a change of regime in this country. We have a political regime
that is advancing a corporate agenda. We need a regime that is
advancing an agenda of ecological sustainability and social justice.
We can help to make that happen by building a Green Party that
is independent of the corporate parties and actively opposed to their
agenda. Ed Felien's strategy of not putting Green candidates at
the top of the ballot, if it had been adopted, would have moved
us away from the strategic goal (regime change) that I advocate.

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