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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

Independent Freedom Party launched

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The Independent Freedom Party is being projected as the political expression of a movement for human rights, not an exclusively African-American party. (Also see Re: Independent Freedom Party)

Minneapolis, 3 January 2006
by Doug Mann
There were about 50 to 60 persons in attendance at the Independent Freedom Party's inaugural celebration on 2 January 2006. 'African American' / black is the assigned race of about 90% of those in attendance.
The IFP is projected as a party that addresses concerns of the black community and that welcomes everybody who agrees with the mission statement to join.
The IFP mission statement: "To provide a party (political committee) to the community that strives to bring about change in the current system of government in the pursuance of equality, fairness, and freedom for all."

Keynote speakers (last hour of the event):
Macmoud El-Kati, a veteran of the Civil Rights Movement and the ongoing freedom struggle, also a college professor and historian.
Spike Moss, a leader of struggles in defense of the black community since the 1970s, and a long-time community organizer and weekly talk-show host on KMOJ radio.

Macmoud El-Kati spoke about the need to learn from history and the relevance of the Independent Freedom Party as the political expression of a movement for human rights in the city of Minneapolis (in the tradition of the Civil Rights Movement). He reminded IFP members to not lose sight of the goal of freedom and equality for everybody, and of the economic interests that a majority of African Americans share with a majority of those who are assigned to other 'races,' including many whites.

Other featured speakers included past mayoral candidates Farheen Hakeem (Green Party) and Marcus Harkus (independent), plus Shelly Ford, Dina Payne, James Trice and the moderator, Booker Hodges.

Natalie Johnson Lee, about to be former city council member, was honored, and spoke briefly. The Green Party endorsed Johnson-Lee both times that she stood for election to the Minneapolis City Council. The city's two black city council members from the 2002-2006 term, Johnson-Lee in the 5th ward, and Don Samuels in the 3rd ward, faced off in the contest for the 5th ward city council seat in the November 2005 general election. Samuels was the Democratic Party's candidate. 

Contact persons:
Al Flowers 612-207-0278
Booker T. Hodges 612-275-5030
Zachery Metoyer 612 251-0837