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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

Doug Mann for school board 2006

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Doug Mann for School Board 2006

Minneapolis Public Schools hit the fan
Re: Minneapolis public schools, board candidates, & the 2006 election
Recent posts by Doug Mann to the Minneapolis Issues List

Minneapolis DFL school board candidate exposed as right-wing blogger
13 November 2006

Minneapolis School Board engaged in unlawful racial discrimination

Doug Mann: Age 49 years, married, parent of MPS student. Licensed Practical Nurse / Charge Nurse / trained Legal Nurse Consultant. Volunteer advocate for MPS students & parents. Served on the Minneapolis NAACP branch education advocacy committee & Minneapolis Parents Union board of directors. Plaintiff in Xiong / NAACP v. Minnesota educational adequacy lawsuit in 1998-1999, opposed the settlement which stipulated that a limited school choice plan would solve the problem of students of color being denied an adequate education. Knowledge of Spanish & French.

Education is a right, not a privilege!
Demand a quality education for all on an equal basis!

Don't Settle for phony "No Child Left Behind" School Reforms
All of the district-run schools can be good schools
Make a college-bound education accessible to all

The "racial learning gap" in Minneapolis public schools is a reflection of differences in access to high quality educational programs. For example, students of color are heavily concentrated in school programs with a high concentration of low seniority teachers and high teacher turnover rates. The Minneapolis Public School system is not unique in this respect. Nationwide, about two-thirds of public school teachers with less than 3 years of experience are teaching in schools where African American and Latino students are over-represented. About 40% of new teachers leave the profession within 3 years, about 50% within 5 years."


End the practice of sending layoff notices to teachers who will be recalled or replaced, which drives up teacher turnover rates. About two-thirds of 545 teachers who received layoff notices last year accepted continuing employment with the district.

Desegregate low-seniority teachers: Low-seniority teachers (employed for up to 5 years) should be evenly distributed to all established programs / schools. This policy should be phased in, starting with new teachers first year, first and second year teachers in the second year, etc.

Make a quality, college-bound education accessible to all. End ability-grouping practices that put a majority of students into watered-down curriculum tracks.

Endorsements (List of individual supporters)
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Minneapolis Public Schools hit the fan
Re: Minneapolis public schools, board candidates, & the 2006 election
Recent posts by Doug Mann to the Minneapolis Issues List

LWV 2006 Minneapolis Voters' guide
Questions to School Board candidates
with answers by Doug Mann
3 Sept 2006

Star-Tribune questions posed to
Minneapolis School Board candidates
(For news reports)
Doug Mann, 24 August 2006

The Green Party & the US occupation of Iraq
Should Iraq be the acid test for Green Party candidates, especially those standing for election to federal offices?

Education Rights Resolution moves toward approval by MN Green Party (as amended)
A Proposed Education Rights resolution takes a clear stand in favor of enforcement of Civil Rights laws, and against "Separate but Equal doctrine"
At the MN Green Party convention on June 4, 2006, the education & health care breakout group recommended the following resolution be referred to the Coordinating Committee for adoption as a special resolution, and that it be put on the table (considered again) as a platform proposal (It needs to be condensed and reworded to fit into the platform) Click here for text

No Child Left Behind not closing racial achievement gaps
Cambridge, MA--June 14, 2006--The Civil Rights Project at Harvard University (CRP) released today a new study that reports the federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) hasn't improved reading and mathematical achievement or reduced achievement gaps. The study also revealed that the NCLB won't meet its goals of 100 percent student proficiency by 2014 if the trends of the first several years continue.

Education Trust: Minority students' teachers are less qualified
Belleville News-Democrat, posted Monday, 12 June 2006

No Green Party endorsement for Minneapolis School Board
Doug Mann obtained about 50% of the vote for endorsement at a May 13 Green Party meeting. Click here for more details

The Withering Sunflower?
Response to "Is the Green Party withering?" by Ed Felien, Publisher / owner of The Pulse of the Twin Cities
by Doug Mann

American History that's not taught in school
Genocide against the Indians, the post-Civil War civil war, the birth of American Apartheid, and unfinished business of the Civil Rights movement
by Doug Mann

How public schools are designed to fail most low-income, nonwhite students
A discussion re: curriculum, instruction, testing, and discrimination
by Nancy Sayed and Doug Mann (edited by Doug Mann), 8 March 2006

A Missouri school teacher, Nancy Sayed discusses the dynamics of institutionalized racism in the public schools, and explains how testing is being used to promote an agenda of decentralizing and privatizing the public school system in urban areas, not as a tool to close the academic achievement gap.

Nancy Sayed has over 30 years experience as a classroom teacher in Missouri public schools.

Minneapolis Central Labor Union Council C.O.P.E. Q & A (2006)

Resume; questions and answers for MFT local 59 (teachers) PAC candidate screening (2006)

SEIU state council questionnaire for Mpls school board candidates (2006)

Opening Statement
2002 school board candidates forum

Platform (2002)

2004 Campaign

We must address the education access gap
Letter to the Minneapolis NAACP Branch, Feb. 1, 2005

In 2006 let's raise expectations of Minneapolis School Students and the Board of Education! Edit Text

[Text of double-sided half page brochure]

Doug Mann for School Board

Education is a right, not a privilege!

Demand a quality education for all on an equal basis!

All of the district-run schools can be good schools

* Close the education access gap (See reverse side of this flyer)
* Stop the annual layoff of teachers who the school board plans to recall or replace

There were about 1,700 full time teacher positions in the Spring of 2004. And the School Board planned to eliminate about 150 full time teacher positions not already vacated. Yet the Board laid off 608 teachers! In 2005, the board laid off 575 teachers! And again a large majority were rehired or replaced.

The teachers laid off in 2004 were employed with the district for less than 5 full years, and 455 were on probationary status (employed for less than 3 full years). Even more astonishing is the fact that the board had eliminated over 20% of the teacher positions that existed in the fall of 2001.

* Phase out “low-ability” Curriculum tracks

As early as Kindergarten, MPS students are reassigned to separate classrooms for reading instruction according to ability. Once labeled and sorted, the "low-ability" students generally fail to thrive academically and are eventually assigned to "low-ability" curriculum tracks in other subject areas.

The general student population could be integrated into "high-ability" tracks without watering down the content of the high-ability tracks, if the Board stopped laying off teachers it planned to rehire or replace.

Prepared & paid for by Doug Mann for School Board

PO Box 8514; Minneapolis, MN 55408

Phone (612) 824-8800


The Education Access Gap

Back in the 1970s the school board was compelled to shut down schools with high concentrations of black students and to integrate the students and TEACHERS into white schools. That's how desegregation was done after the US Supreme Court's 1968 decision in Green v. Kent County Schools. That reduced the exposure of black students to the least qualified / least experienced teachers.

On National Assessment of Education Progress exams (the federal testing program) average differences between blacks and whites in scores for reading decreased by about 50% during the 1970s and early 1980s. The math score gap also narrowed, though less dramatically.

However, since the late 1980s, average differences between blacks and whites in NAEP reading and math test scores greatly increased and are now closer to what they were during the mid-1960s than to what they were during the mid-1980s.

Harvard researchers have noted an increased level of racial segregation of students in the US public school system since the late 1980s. Students of color are also more heavily exposed to the least experienced teachers now than 20 years ago.

Since 1990 African American students in Minneapolis have been more segregated and more exposed to the district’s least experienced teachers. The class size reduction program in the early 1990s helped to increase the black-white gap in exposure to the district's least experienced teachers. The 1995 community school plan increased racial segregation and the exposure of students of color to the district's least experienced teachers.

The teacher assignment system should be modified so that the district's least experienced teachers are more evenly distributed to all of the district‘s schools.


Doug Mann: Age 49 years, married, parent of MPS student. Legal Nurse Consultant, volunteer advocate for MPS students & parents. Served on the Minneapolis NAACP branch education advocacy committee & Minneapolis Parents Union board of directors. Knowledge of Spanish & French.

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