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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

Who backed Chris Stewart's bid for a school board seat?

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Who backed Chris Stewart's bid for a seat on the school board?

"Mayor Rybak announced that he will play a visible leadership role in this year’s Minneapolis School Board elections, including hosting candidate forums and recruiting and supporting specific school board candidates."

The Rybak eReader – January 31, 2006

Not long before the DFL city convention, a few DFL delegates contacted me seeking information about Chris Stewart.
Stewart had described himself as a 'conservative,' had done some DFL bashing in his own name, and had exchanged views with me about the racial learning gap on the Minneapolis Issue list, and privately, off list.

Rumored opposition to Stewart's nomination at the DFL convention apparently did not materialize. I did get reports about negotiations between Stewart supporters and opponents, which included T. Williams supporters. A deal was cut. Some of Stewart's opponents agreed to back Stewart in exchange for putting T. Williams on the DFL ticket.

SEIU local 284 contributed $500 to Stewart's campaign on April 24, 2006. SEIU local 284 political organizer Paul Roehlfing kicked in $100 on May 15, 2006 and accompanied Stewart to the Take Action Minnesota screening in April, and to other events.

After being endorsed by Service Employees International Union, and prior to the DFL city convention, Stewart did not project himself as a conservative in candidate forums.

Dennis Schapiro [a former school board member] was one of the early supporters of T. Williams, contributing $500 to Williams campaign committee in March 2006.
David Raymond served as campaign committee treasurer for both Williams and Schapiro. Williams' campaign committee received $500 checks from AFSCME and the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers prior to the DFL convention. Other labor union contributions were received by the Williams campaign after the DFL convention.

Who endorsed Chris Stewart?

Service Employees International Union, April 18
Take Action Minnesota, April 26
(TAM was Progressive Minnesota / Minnesota Alliance for Progressive Action)
Scott Benson, May 1
Al Gallmon, May 4
Keith Ellison, May 5
Betsy Hodges, May 6
Rep. Jim Davne, May 10
DFL Party, May 21
Star-Tribune, October 23
Chris Stewart for School Board web site

Big contributors to Chris Stewart's campaign included

$500 donors
4/24/06 Service Employees International Union Local 284
5/25/06 SEIU MN state council
7/21/06 Daniel Shulman,
a lawyer who represented the NAACP in its education adequacy lawsuit
8/02/06 Minneapolis Federation of Teachers
8/10/06 ASFME MN Council 5 PAC

$400 donor
6/26/06 Public School Employees Local 63 COPE

$350 donor
7/18/06 Minneapolis Central Labor Union

$250 donor
6/28/06 Shreeves for School Board

Source: 2006 Pre-primary report by the Chris Stewart for School Board committee

Re: Minneapolis public schools, board candidates, & the 2006 election