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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

Star-Tribune calls on Chris Stewart to resign

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Star-Tribune calls on Chris Stewart to resign

 Please note: Doug Mann has not called for Chris Stewart's resignation. If Stewart resigns, the board may pick any qualified person to fill the vacancy. Doug Mann is not in line for that appointment.

In a message to the Minneapolis issues list on March 27, 2006, Chris Stewart wrote,

"...In 2006 it is time to put away the 1970's rhetoric that casts minorities as victims and all systems as oppressive..."

Stewart is telling those who are victimized by the system to not blame the system, blame yourself. Whether you get a good education or not is up to you. The Star-Tribune editorial board members love that kind of talk.

The Star Tribune ensured the election of the entire DFL slate by delaying coverage of the school board race until the last minute, by keeping issue-oriented coverage out of its print editions, and by suppressing the story about the Tammy Lee for Congress web site "satire" until after the election.

In its endorsement of the DFL slate, the Star Tribune editorial said,

"Stewart, a self-described conservative, offers a different and possibly independent voice to the board. As a state social services, job and business specialist, he has worked with low-income families and disabled citizens. That experience taught him that many social service delivery problems and homelife issues detract from educating poor kids. He could use that experience to help better coordinate all the services that support students in school.

"Stewart wants to tone down the "oppositional and identity" racial politics that has plagued the district. Instead, he would focus on building orderly, well-staffed and well-run schools."

Editorial: Minneapolis school board choices
Last update: October 18, 2006 – 5:50 PM

In a message dated 14 Nov 2006, Peter Tharaldson writes,

"In disclosure I am the 5th CD CHair of the IP.

"I met Chris Stewart earlier this year for breakfast at the Cardinal at 38th and Hiawatha. Chris was considering seeking the IP endorsement for school board. Chris decided to run this year as a "conservative" democrat. I was surprised because as I remember Chris he was not just a conservative democrat but actually quite conservative. I thought if he would go Dem/Rep it would certainly be Republican. I remember him talking about his respect for the third party movements even though he knew it was a huge struggle (I mention this because his parody website isn't too kind to the Greens)."

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