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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

Tammy-Gate: DFL candidate exposed as right wing blogger

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Tammy-Gate: DFL candidate exposed as right-wing blogger, and the pre-election cover-up

A few days before the 2006 general election, DFL endorsed Minneapolis school board candidate, and now board member-elect, Chris Stewart was linked to a racist "parody" of Tammy Lee for Congress web site.

When asked to confirm or deny his connection to the Tammy Lee web site "parody," Stewart response was "no comment" (until after the election). Promptly admitting that he was responsible for the fake Tammy Lee web site would have made it difficult for the Strib to not publish the story on the eve of the election.

Stewart describes himself as a 'conservative' who was virtually unknown as Chris Stewart. Did the persons who helped Stewart secure the DFL endorsement know that he went by the name of Rahelio Soleil (pronounced Soh - lay) and owns a web site called which was famous for its "coon of the week" award.

Former school board member, Ann Berget (never a fan of Doug Mann) and many others have called for Stewart's resignation. There is a possibility that Doug Mann will end up on the school board if Stewart resigns.
Allegations about Stewart's involvement with the racist "parody" of Tammy Lee's web got some exposure on the internet on the eve of the election. That probably had something to do with a surge of activity of on my web sites, and

On Novemeber 6 and 7 there were about 2,300 page views on the educationright site and more than 1,200 page views on the dougmannLNC site, including more than 600 hits on the Doug Mann for School Board web page
The "Doug Mann for School Board web page had been up most of the year and only recieved about 1,200 recorded hits prior to 6 November 2006.
Mann for School Board, the educationright site has been getting about 20,000 page views per month 

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