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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

Anti-Strib: Rahelio Soleil - Chris Stewart connection

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Anti-Strib: Rahelio Soleil - Chris Stewart connection

from the Anti-Strib blog
Many of you who have frequented the Anti-strib over the past years know the name Rahelio Soleil. He is a local blogger who has a site called .  This site was famous for a “coon of the week” award that Rahelio gave to prominent blacks with whom he disagreed. He also spent a great deal of time helping along race relations by labeling most white people as racists/bigots, blah blah blah.  This past summer he went after Michael Broadkorb from MDE with one of the most disgusting displays of racism I have seen. That is, until this week, when john wayne of MN posted a link to a site that Rahelio created to bash Independence party candidate Tammy Lee....
[For the full text, which presents evidence connecting Chris Stewart to Rahelio Soleil, go to]

Re: Minneapolis public schools, board candidates, & the 2006 election