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Doug Mann LPN, LNC

DFL candidate tied to racist "parody" of Tammy Lee for Congress web site

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American Hot Sausage and DFL Candidates Shown to be Linked

posted by lloydletta
Monday, November 06, 2006  

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American Hot Sausage and DFL Candidates Shown to be Linked

The website which had published a "parody" of Tammy Lee's campaign website is linked to Chris Stewart, DFL candidate for Minneapolis School Board. Mr. Stewart is also a supporter of Mr. Ellison and has the expressed endorsement of Mr. Ellison. Since this story broke has become password protected and the Endorsements page of Mr Stewart's website has had the hotlink removed and Mr Ellison's name no longer appears on his endorsements web site. (Update: Endorsement is still mentioned in the blog I have printed a screenshot for when this disappears.) Earlier in the day a disclaimer was added to the website stating "Warning: Political satire, not associated with Tammy Lee For Congress" and now the web site is down, however, you can view the racist, hate filled site here.

At a press conference today, a former computer crimes prosecutor and investigator walked the media thru the evidence linking Mr Stewart to AHS. A series of searched revealed that photos on the bio of "Rahelio Soleil" can be linked to files titled "ahschris12.jpg" from the web page source code. AHS= American Hot Sausage, Chris = name of the person in the photo. This photo can be then linked to another which has the name Rahelio Soleil is embedded across the photo. This can then be compared to the photo of Mr Stewart and the link is shown. There are also links relating to the postal address at which was registered, phone numbers and the company Stewart Dynamics.

At the press conference, Miss Lee called for Keith Ellison to denounce this type of political smear and denounce Mr Stewart's actions. "This is the most deplorable type of smear I have ever seen in any campaign before," said Miss Lee. "It is racist and hate-filled. Not only do they attack me based upon my race, but they also attack based upon gender." Miss Lee pointed out several lines from the AHS smear site that support these claims.

George Soule, legal representative of Tammy Lee, covered the libelous and slanderous statements contained in the website and also pointed out that the
links redirect the reader to racist sites such as the KKK and the Nazi Party.

Comment has come from neither the Ellison and Stewart campaigns nor the DFL.

Update: Eva adds: The Ellison campaign did comment when contacted by Pulse. I've got the Statement posted here. Also, I contacted Chris Stewart. I've got more here.

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